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Norwegian Pyrenees and Great Pyrenees



Norwegian PyreneesNorwegian Pyrenees is a beautiful silver grey or cream-colored dog with black points. They weigh about 75 lbs. and are very intelligent and well suited as a family dog or as a family guard dog. They are extremely devoted to there family and will give their lives to protect them. They are a breed in themselves. They were the result of a planned mating between a Great Pyrenees and a Norwegian Elkhound. Both these breeds are fantastic family dogs and when combined the result is Awesome, taking the best from both breeds. The Norwegian Pyrenees is a rugged dog with the ability to withstand harsh conditions. They are in a class of their own and are a one of a kind. For a unique and beautiful family dog with built in protection instincts, Norwegian Pyrenees should be your choice.

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The Stenberg Family is a long-time ranch family dating back to 1887 in America and for generations before in Norway. In 1976 We were having a huge predator problem with our livestock. We had heard about Great Pyrenees and purchased two male dogs from Missouri. They were great!!! Within a year we purchased two females from Illinois. We were hooked on these beautiful Polar Bears forever.

Since 1976 they have protected our family and livestock with unbelievable devotion and love. Countless times they have guarded against bear, mountain lion, wolf, and coyote. They have on numerous occasions kept strangers in their car protecting the little children. We sold three puppies over the years to two Chicago lady judges that were sisters. They had been told by a friend that also was a Chicago Police Captain that the finest and most devoted guard dog was a Great Pyrenees. After they tried the first puppy, they purchased two others over several years. There is volumes of stories about how these gorgeous gentle giants will allow a little child to pull on his lips and ears one minute and a moment later bare his teeth at a threatening stranger.

The Great Pyrenees is a unique animal. There are many guard dog breeds such as Dobermans, Rottweiler, German Shepard’s and all of the livestock guard dog breeds. The Great Pyrenees stands alone as a true Gentle Giant with a devoted love towards his family. The Great Pyrenees is the most laid-back gentle dog you can have the pleasure of having around. You will only witness his extreme guarding instinct on that rare occasion when he feels his love ones are in danger. Then enemy beware!!! He will thrust his mighty jaws and massive bulk against any threat be it human, animal or even vehicle.

We raise the highest quality Great Pyrenees possible. There are guaranteed and are healthy and fully socialized with kids, adults and thousands of livestock. They are raised in the splendor which is Montana. We would love to provide you with your next family member or herd guardian.

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The J Bar Stenberg Ranch and the Stenberg Family have bred Norwegian Elkhounds basically forever. The Stenberg’s migrated from Norway in 1887 and remember always having Norwegian Elkhounds as family members both here in America and before in Norway. Jerome and Kathy started raising registered dogs in 1976 and they are truly part of our Family. Our puppies are born and raised from the beginning being around children and livestock. While our dogs sleep in the house at night, usually on the couch or at the foot of a bed, they spend the day outside. We are Montana Ranchers with several thousand head of livestock so there is always something going on and exciting for our furry family members. Our puppies are exposed to a wide array of developmental stimulus at a young age. This wide range of experience quickly develops their individual personalities. We feel that this is a big plus compared to a puppy raised in a kennel or a barnyard. When you have a certain criteria or a desired personality for your new puppy, we can more easily and accurately find your right puppy. All our puppies are fully guaranteed healthy and ready to become your best friend.

The breed is the National Dog of Norway and the Norwegian Government retains its right of ownership if it deems necessary due to a National emergency. Don’t know what they would be used for, but it indicates how cherished the Norwegian is in its native land.